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  1. Dairymaster is unique when it comes to milking cows. We typically milk each cow one minute faster with up to 5% higher yields. We are recognised in the market for low liner slip and better udder health.
  2. Milking exercise is also popularly known as jelqing and has been used for hundreds of years particularly by African and Arab men who equate the size of their manhood with power and virility. The jelqing method is considered to be one of the most effective male enhancement exercises but achieving good results entail dedication and knowledge.
  3. To try to get as much of something from someone else, especially sympathy, kindness, respect, etc. They found a little bit of celebrity when their book was published a couple years ago, and they've been milking it ever since. Your aunt is going out of her way to take care of you while you're sick, so don't milk it.
  4. Wet milking definition is - the milking of a cow or other animal with the hands and teats wet (as with milk) often resulting in udder infections in cattle.
  5. Milk definition, an opaque white or bluish-white liquid secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals, serving for the nourishment of their young. See more.
  6. Milking Machine for Cow, Portable Electric Cow Milker Milking Machine with 2 Teat Cups, Adjustable Vacuum Pump, 5L Milk Container, Food Grade Hose (for Cow) out of 5 stars 17 $ $
  7. Milking Machine, 3L Portable Manual Milking Machine Double Head Portable Plastic Milker Teat Cups Kits for Cow Sheep Goat. Becoming the Moon Aliens’ Hucow. by Blair Ajax | Aug 4, Kindle $ $ 0. Free with Kindle Unlimited membership Learn More Or $ to buy.
  8. milking A term used in West Sussex, South East England for taking bottles of milk from a moving milk float or stealing milk from doorsteps. This practice is usually performed by thirsty chavs who can run surprisingly fast. Me and Phil went milking this morning, but we didn't get anything.
  9. By definition prostate milking is an internal stimulation of the prostate gland located inside the male rectum. This is also referred to as prostate massage. This technique is commonly used around the world, and it’s getting increasingly popular in North America and worldwide.

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