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I Remember - Vanna Vanna - Style (CD, Album)

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  1. Album / CD. Main Page I Articles I FOJ I Photos. Kapag May Gusot May Lusot. FOJ is Here 2 Rock U. You're A Woman Now Style. Say. I Remember. Sweet Intent. Let's Dance. Ok Bye Bye. Sa Patak Ng Ulan Without Each Other Walk Away. Without Your Love.
  2. Style Friends When International producer-songwriter Christian de Walden came to the Philippines to scout for talent to record his new international dance album, he saw right away the potential in the three girls he found - Alana, Teri and Benj, whom he later called Vanna Vanna.
  3. Don’t let this slip away. Breathe it in. Hold it in. You will miss it when it's gone. You have so much to say. So listen to yourself. We are nothing. If we suffer alone. Remember where you came from. Will our hearts still beat in time. Do we fear living our lives alone.

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