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B-Boy Plantation - Pitch Control / Super B-Boy (Vinyl)

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  1. Read all of the posts by Amira on Unit Most of us know the term Break dancing, but the pioneers and practitioners call it B-Boying or Breaking.
  2. THE FIX. Podrobnější popis není bohužel k dispozici. Pro informace o produktu navštivte prosím některý z internetových obchodů, který má produkt v nabídce.
  3. プロフィール Author:えくり21 【HN】 えくり21 【ペンネーム】 むげなり 【ストリートネーム】 りょうた.
  4. The "B" in B-boy or B-girl also stands simply for break, as in break-boy or -girl. Before the s, B-girls’ presence was limited by their gender minority status, navigating sexual politics of a masculine-dominated scene, and a lack of representation or encouragement for women to participate in the form.
  5. Jun 20,  · The ability to adjust weighting, needle placement, rotation speed and pitch control were all features intended to tickle the high-end Jazz and Classical audiophile who wanted to eek the finest sounds from his prized vinyl collection, but it was the DJ that unleashed its real potential.
  6. The Jefferson Airplane's sixth album Volunteers was released in , a mere two year since their monumental psychedelic hippie rock album Surrealistic Pillow. A politically charged album, Volunteers mainly dealt with the injustice of the Vietnam war. Besides its lyrical content causing controversy, the album was ahead of its time on a technological level as well. At the time, Volunteers was.
  7. Start reading this text on Manifold @uminnpress. Selected Discography. This DISCOGRAPHY includes many of the albums and singles mentioned in this book, as well as a number of other essential records worth checking out.. Introduction.

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